Show Homes

Landscaping for show homes

For over 20 years Wroxton has been installing spectacular landscapes to development show homes.

We’ve worked on projects between 2k & 200k and have received huge success and praise for our work.

We understand how stressful a show home launch can be, and at times have had to work to extremely tight deadlines, we are proud to say we have never missed a deadline, and come launch day, new customers have been able to visit sales centres, surrounded by a unique & professional landscape design.

With all our own Plant and machinery, and great contacts with growers and agricultural suppliers, we are able to offer great prices for our sales schemes, included with a full 3D design. Our diverse range of services also means we can complete the whole scheme as a package, for e.g. if metal railings, hoarding/fencing is needed, we can cover all of that, meaning you won’t have to mess about with letting separate contracts with different contractors, these factors make us a popular choice for the UK’s leading house builders.

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